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If you are working with fake documents or a fake social security number, there is a chance that ICE will find you either through its review of your employer's records or through a workplace raid. Raids of companies with reputations for employing illegal aliens has become common place. If you are working at a company that employs many illegal aliens, there is a good chance that ICE will conduct a raid or investigation of your workplace and find you. Once ICE determines that you are in the country without proper documentation, it will initiate removal or deportation proceedings.

There are several types of temporary visas, but two of the most common types of business visas are the H-1B visa and the L-1 visa. The H-1B visa is often the first step toward permanent immigration, and allows people to come into the U.S. to work in a wide variety of fields. It's important to note that an H-1B visa is only available to people who have a sponsoring employer in the U.S., and only to people who have at least the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree and who will be working in positions that require that level of education.

According to the immigration experts; by law, the refusal of citizenship application like this could bring the impact of deportation. Unfortunately, the option to appeal the case like this is far fewer than criminal cases.

During this part of the debate, both Alex Sink and Rick Scott were asked the minimum wage of Florida, both answered wrong. You may watch part 4 of the debate in the video to the left (just click on the photo) and you may read the transcript for part 4 of the debate below. Click on the links below to access other parts of the debate.

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The H-1B temporary worker visa was created to give companies the ability to hire foreign nationals for a "specialty occupation" position in the United States. "Specialty occupation" defined by the U.S. UK Immigration Lawyer Illinois [] means the position must require a bachelor's degree or equivalent (more on that in a moment). This is a non-immigrant visa, meaning the employee is only meant to work in the United States temporarily and is not petitioning to immigrate in the U.S. permanently. The visa can be issued for a maximum of six years and stipulates that employers must pay the prevailing wage for the position as recommended by the U.S. Department of Labor.

According to the immigration officials, the rejection of naturalization applications increased in the last ten years because the number of applications also increases. The increasing of number of naturalization applications gives pressure to the U.S. immigration. Under pressure, they must make decisions in a short time. It's a bit much affecting the performance of the U.S. immigration.